Tony Antonellis’ mother always told him he should never discuss religion in public, but he believes we all need to be talking about religion a whole lot more.

In a world marked and divided by countless religious sects and in which differences are perceived as more important than similarities, For the Love of God calls for all humans to come together under the one thing that connects us all: God.

Through a deep and thought-provoking analysis of the world’s greatest religions, Antonellis puts forth his theory of “God-centeredness,” a pluralistic, open-ended understanding that is appropriate to humanity’s finite reality.


1. “So far as we know, what’s the oldest human activity? More than fifty-thousand years ago, our Neanderthal cousins were contemplating their makers in the caves of the Middle East and Europe. They placed flowers on the gravestones of their loved ones and had funeral feasts. They cared for disabled members of their communities. They had language, love, compassion, and reason.”

2. “Capitalism applauds competition, and in some ways, competition can be a good thing. In the area of spirituality, however, the pursuit of truth is different from, say, the more efficient mass production of product in common demand. The search for eternal truths is an enterprise that is fundamental to all.”

3. “Personally, I’ve never known of a people past or present that have not had an interest in the eternal realm. The questions of how we should live, our values, and what importance this holds in the hierarchy of human activity are universal. We could speak of ultra conservatives, communist hardliners, religious fundamentalism, and in all fairness, radical liberals to name a few. Whenever the truth takes a back seat to ideas, the result is harmful.”

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